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Thank you so much, the order has arrived, so prompt and well packed.
We discovered Bliss Balls during a recent visit to Kuranda.
I am sure I shall be ordering again. A special thank you also for the ‘extra’ ball included with the order, I enjoyed it last night.
We ate at the Sweet Leaf cafe in Kuranda, taking the advice of the lovely lady in the Bliss Ball shop in the arcade........my question being... “where could we find some ‘real food’ for lunch.
What a treat, an atmospheric and gastronomic experience, just finding the cafe was an adventure. How sad we did not take photos however the memory will stay with us a long time. Thank you for adding heaps to our Kuranda experience.
5th May 2014
Ladies the website is wonderful....just like the you and your product! Congratulations and well done Sonya
27th April 2013
For anyone who has a real chocolate addication try bliss balls...you will not want normal chocolate again and these little bliss balls will become your new addiction...!!!! Linda M
3rd April 2013
As a successful cafe owner and proprietor I am approached every other day about new product lines and various specials from existing suppliers. With limited space and an understanding of what might appeal to our clientele, it was with a little reservation that I agreed to run the Bliss Ball line...let me say quite categorically they have completely blown me away by the manner in which they have been received. Bliss Balls are superbly presented and sell extremely well. They are an absolute hit and I have nothing but praise for Cat and her wonderful daughter for meeting the needs of an ever changing market.
Well done ladies!
Tony – Chill Cafe Palm Cove
28th March 2013
Thank you so much for your delicious bliss balls. The flavours and textures are amazing. It's great to know they're healthy but I would eat them anyway! I love them as an afternoon treat because just one keeps me powering until dinner.Meg M
21st March 2013
Eat Chocolate be happy
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