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What is a Bliss Ball?
Sweetleaf Bliss Balls are a healthy and delicious snack.
They are ‘guilt free’ treats jammed packed full of goodness.
All of our Bliss Balls are Gluten Free, Raw & Vegan.
There are no baddies in Sweetleaf Bliss Balls.
So what's in a Bliss Ball?
We use dates and insecticide free almonds as a base.
Each variety has additional organic ingredients to make five different taste sensations. please refer to our product information
Do your Bliss Balls have any added sugar?
We do not add any sugar or artificial sweetener to our Bliss Balls. So what makes them sweet?
The sweetness comes from the dates What is the shelf life of Bliss Balls?
All of our products have a shelf life of 6 months with the exception of Golden Glow which has 4 months. They may be perfectly fine beyond that date if stored correctly.  What is the best way to store Biss Balls?
Bliss Balls are best stored in a cool dry place.
Storing Bliss Balls in the fridge will extend their shelf life, but it is not necessary.
Do your Blss Balls contain any dairy products?
Our Bliss Balls contain no dairy or animal products Do all your products contain nuts?
WARNING : Most of our products contain nuts. Although all care is taken in the quality control of our products, we use natural ingredients & there is a possibility they may contain parts of date seeds. Some of the ingredients we use have been packaged on equipment that has been used for sesame seeds, nuts, grains & cereals, this includes soy & gluten. We also produce a nut free range named "Coco Bites", please see our products page for more details. Where can I buy your Sweetleaf Bliss Balls?
Sweetleaf Bliss Balls are currently available for retail sale Australia wide.
Please check our retail outlet page for your closest stockist.
You can also purchase all our products in our retail shop at Kuranda. If you have a suggestion of where you would like to see our products sold,
please send us an email.
Please use our online store to purchase blissballs or to send as a gift,
we deliver via Australia Post worldwide!
If you have any other queries please use our contact page
and send us a message...we love to hear from you!

Or simply come in and see us at our Kuranda Rainforest outlet!

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